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Nature journaling at Langford Lakes

My friend and fellow artist James Aldridge and I visited Langford Lakes Nature Reserve in Wiltshire to spend some time drawing from the many hides dotted around the lakes.

I hadn’t been to the lakes for years so was excited to explore them again, this time with sketchbook and pens.

At the moment I’m quite interested in capturing my experience of a place by making composite drawings of the elements that take my eye, laying images and textures. Here’s the drawing, which I’ve continued to work on at home, and a few photos from the day itself.

Things to remember for next time – take binoculars, a flask of coffee and a picnic.

Things I’ve done since – ordered myself a lovely set of Stockmar beeswax coloured blocks, having borrowed and enjoyed using James’s on the day; made a start on making a mini pond in my tiny court yard garden – I don’t expect it will attract a Great Crested Grebe but hopefully a few water-loving insects and animals…then I can draw them!

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