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Since 2015 I have reconnected with my creative interests, primarily through drawing. I love to draw from observation and as a way to reflect on and capture my daily life through my Drawing Diaries

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“I have absolutely loved Jo’s course. Starting out as someone who didn’t think they could draw particularly, it has given me so much confidence, offering ways in to drawing and ways of seeing and interpreting what is around us. Brilliant!” 

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“One of the best courses I have attended, Jo is a very accomplished and inspiring tutor. With plenty of examples to look at, helpful videos and clear demonstrations of creative drawing techniques I quickly became very involved with the project. All the drawing sessions were accompanied with a beautiful and varied selection of music which provided an extremely relaxing environment. As a result I felt my drawing improved and I was able to produce some imaginative, successful and in some instances, surprising work! I am definitely doing this course again!” 

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“I’m a complete beginner but Jo’s positive and enthusiastic manner made me feel it was all about my development so it didn’t matter there were people with more experience in the class”