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Hello and welcome to my website

I am a versatile visual artist who loves to draw, and to share my love of drawing. Since 2016 I have used drawing to reflect on and capture my life and the world around me through a daily drawing practice, creating richly illustrated visual diaries.


In contrast my love of the natural world inspires me to make carefully observed drawings of the often-missed moments in time, for example when a leaf opens from a bud, or when the light on a flower reveals its complex (or simple) structure. From these studies I also make expressive large-scale drawings and textile designs. I teach and lead projects inspired by and related to my practice.

Find out more about my work to date from my Artist CV here.

I have worked as a freelance Arts Manager for over 20 years, working in community arts, latterly producing large scale outdoor arts festivals and walking festivals. Please browse my Arts Manager and Producer CV  here...

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