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Roebuck Estates Blanc De Noirs label illustration

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I was thrilled to be asked by Resolution Design to provide the illustration for the Roebuck Estates Blanc de Noirs Prestige Cuvee  label. The sparkling wine is launched this week, English Wine Week 2020.

The illustration brief was to simply showcase the wonderful aspects of the Roebuck Estates' picturesque Sussex vineyards, to elevate but not distract from the beautiful gold Roebuck logo and the Roebuck Estates brand name. My linear illustration appears as a tactile black varnish on a black background.

I am inspired by nature and love to draw plants and flowers capturing form and detail in expressive line, so the brief seemed like a perfect fit!

I began by researching and sketching wild meadow flowers - buttercups, speedwell, cornflowers and cow parsley - offering contrasts and interest in shape and size. 

Through a collaborative design process the illustration evolved. I swapped the cornflowers for orchids and introduced the Pinot Noir grape and leaves, floating its beautiful tendrils through the design to develop the composition. I love the notion of the Roebuck looking out in to the landscape to the vineyards in the distance,

If I can help with your illustration needs, please contact me.

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