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Travel Sketching Ideas

Looking back at my travel sketches from my trip to West Bengal in 2017 with Fiona and Praveen of Creative Arts Safaris, I'm immediately transported back to those specific times and places.

Capturing just one moment in a day can conjure so many things about that day, and this two-page spread in my drawing diary builds a picture of the whole week. The drawings were done either in the moment, or later from a photo. 

You don't need to draw a whole scene - just a detail will do. You can see simply drawn details of architecture and textiles on these pages, as well as an idea of our travels from a simple map. I love to add lettering to add a description or to reflect on my experiences too.

On our Travel Sketching on the Road to Rajasthan tour we'll explore all these ideas for travel sketching and many more!

I'll post more Travel Sketching ideas soon! Follow my blog and you'll be notified of when they're posted! Do get in touch with any questions using my contact form, or leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Thanks for reading!

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